Mountain Pilgrims is an emerging community of people that seek to re-imagine the outdoor experience. Mountain Pilgrims meet outside to discover the ‘thin places’ where the spirit soars and we are lifted out of the everyday. We invite those with different experience and fitness to join us as we journey together…

Perspective. Challenge. Passion.

To be a Mountain Pilgrim means to experience wild places together and see more than the view.

The contemplative way. Patience. Quiet. Escape. Honesty.

Engaging. Curious. Experiencing. Experiential.

To be a Mountain Pilgrim means to reflect on the mountain experience to inform and resource life in the valley.

“I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God, than in the church thinking about the mountains”

John Muir

Experiencing: Sense making. Beauty. Togetherness. Alive. Wonder. Connection. Conversation (not just talking).

Wild, untamed, yet accessible!

To be a Mountain Pilgrim means to be part of a community of fellow travellers.

Journeying together intentionally, and supporting each others’ discovery.

Diverse group of wonderers connecting with other wanderers to explore the way ahead.

Community with action.

Elemental. Rooted. Earthy. Gritty. Grounded. Depth.

Being on the Way.